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Sam the Monkey 
sharing a sweet treat!  
Have you ever wanted to learn about a monkey or camel or maybe even a African Crowned Crane? We are not asking for your $$$ we are asking for your time and   dedication to these wonderful animals!  We are always looking for people who will give a helping hand.  We work around the clock with our animal friends, and we want their environments to be a safe, happy place for them.  Habitats are always being built, large equipment is always needed for a day or two.  Fresh Vegetables, Hay, Toys, balls, blankets, frisbies, and blocks are always needed for all the animals. 
If you would like to become a friend of the zoo please email Jodi at
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Our family has been raising exotics for over 35 years, from Fallow Deer, Buffalo, North & South American Porcupines, Ostriches, Rheas, Emus, Llamas, Camels, and all types of Primates.  Families from all over and students from local schools have come by and seen our exotic animal family since the 80's. Always being asked, but not ready to bring our critters out to events such as schools, special events, and live nativities.  With the demand, we started events in early 2004. Our first year we did 30 events and 6 live nativity scenes. Now we travel all over Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina everyday . In 2009 we accomplished 124 nativity scenes, a good year and a lot of work. Now with 6 trucks/trailers and over 200 animals we can do just about any thing you want.
Sam's Path Petting Zoo is dedicated to our dear friend "Sam the Monkey".  Sam came to live with us in 1983, when he was just a year old.  Sam made a lasting impression on our family and all the people he met before passing in September 2004.  Sam watched as we developed our small adventure day by day.  
Today we continue our path to adventure with Parker and MaryJane our Spider Monkeys and all our friends here on the farm. With our path to exotic adventure, there was Sam's Path to exotic adventure!  

Sam Gray
Java Macaque Monkey